I had the opportunity to meet with famous LDS Songwriter, Janice Kapp Perry, and talk about the book. She read the book to approve the use of the lyrics to her song, “Holding Hands Around The World”, she was very touched by it. We were able to meet at her house and she told me the story behind the song and I found out that she also lost a child and that is why this story touched her so. She said the following:

A most compelling story of heartbreak, faith, and triumph of the human spirit that will touch hearts and inspire all who read it. It’s a must read for those who have lost a child, as I have, and want to find the path back to peace of mind and solace. This book is a touching journey from first diagnosis, to unbearable sorrow, to humble acceptance of  God’s will, and the comfort of the Spirit that all is well.”

-Janice Kapp Perry

LDS Songwriter