Good news, Deseret Book picked up about 70 copies to stock for a trial run. If they sell well, they’ll take more. So, If you all could start doing me favors of really starting to spread the word. If you would be willing to call your local Deseret Book and see if they have it and if they do, send your friends and family there to buy it. The book is also available at most Seagull Bookstore. If they don’t have it please request it.
I am starting to try and really get the word out about the book now that it is in stores. So if any of you have connections with anyone, with a blog, podcast, newspaper, radio or news shows that would be interested in covering the book please let me know. You can e-mail me at . 
I’m not trying to make money off of this, I just want Holland’s story to touch as many lives as possible. So please share this story as freely as possible with as many people as possible. And as you read the book please leave reviews on and/or Thanks for all you guys and your continued support in this.